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So the question is not whether we will be extremists, but what kind of extremists we will be. Will we be extremists for hate or for love? Will we be extremists for the preservation of injustice or for the extension of justice?

Martin Luther King, Jr

Olympic Colonialism at Universities

Racism and colonialism are endemic in the field of sports.

From the colonial roots of the term ‘doping’ – which has been weaponized by the Olympics – to the ban on swimming caps designed to accommodate natural Black hair, to testosterone level limits that discriminate against Black female athletes, it is clear that colonialist aristocratic attitudes are continuing to be perpetuated by the sports world.

If you’re a student, you need to be aware that your university may be helping perpetuate the International Olympic Committee’s oppression of minority and enhanced athletes.

It is up to you to challenge the status quo, to ensure that your university has no formal or legal association with any organization that perpetuates the oppression of minorities. ‘Doping’ is a colonialist slur that reeks of symbolic and historic violence against both the Black and enhanced populations, and needs to be removed from our vocabulary. Any organization that uses this term needs to be called out, and brought to justice – this includes the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA), the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), and the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

The superior race is fully entitled to deny the lower race certain privileges of civilized life.

Baron Pierre de Coubertin

Founder of the International Olympic Committee


Anti-Science Agenda

Science has always been an integral part of sport. From the Tarahumara tribe’s use of the performance-stimulant peyote, to the protein-heavy and testosterone-boosting diet of the Ancient Greek Olympians, science has played a critical role in unlocking human potential.

Since the IOC’s ban on performance enhancements in 1967, scientific progress has floundered, and the athletes who strive for peak performance and the scientists who want to unlock athletic potential have been vilified, discriminated against, and oppressed.

It is up to you to push for an end to the testing of performance enhancements for college-level sports teams. It is time to break through the doctrine of imperialist Neo-Luddism perpetuated by the International Olympic Committee, and push for the defunding of anti-science academics.

Take Action

  • Apply to be your university’s Enhanced Student Ambassador. We’ll help you win this fight.
  • If you study in Paris, California, or Queensland, protest to prevent your university from allowing the racist Olympic Movement from using your campus’s sports facilities during the 2024 Paris, 2028 Los Angeles, or 2032 Brisbane Olympic Games.
  • Push for a formal apology to be made by the dean of your university for the decades of anti-science rhetoric, and for personal apologies to be made to any of your university’s athletes who were discriminated against for being enhanced.
  • Lobby to ensure that your university doesn’t receive funding grants from the World Anti-Doping Agency.

College athletes are being oppressed.
It is time to break the chains.

How to Protest

1. Build Allies

You are joining the war against hypocrisy and bigotry. College athletes, biologists, bioethicists, philosophers, and experts in longevity and regenerative medicine are your friends.

Apply to be your university’s Enhanced Student Ambassador. Then, informally or formally, start an Enhanced Club, and invite your friends and future allies to join you. Invite Enhanced’s leadership to speak on campus – we want to help you.

2. Take Action

You now have a list of allies you can call on, and maybe even a club. It is time to leverage your strengths to fight against hypocrisy and bigotry, to bring about the end of discrimination on your campus.

The Olympics relies on tacit ignorance in order to perpetuate their anti-science policies. To stay silent is to enable them. To fight your enemies, you need to educate your peers, and instigate debate. Print posters and fliers highlighting your university’s discrimination, and post them around the sports ground and classrooms.

Once you have enough people on your side – we recommend having at least 30 people – organize a sit-in or a protest. Demand for your Dean of Students to make a formal apology to your university’s enhanced athletes. Demand for your university’s athletics coaches to stop the invasive testing of testosterone levels and for evidence of performance therapies.

3. Encourage Others

Enhanced is here to help you. Spread your message and evidence of your work on Twitter with #EnhancedStudentRevolution, and we’ll get in touch with you. Excellence is rewarded at Enhanced.

Professional sports first established.
The second barrier: The artificial class discrimination of amateur athletics starts to unravel.
The first barrier: Jackie Robinson breaks the color barrier in baseball.
The third barrier: Enhanced opens sport to science.

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