Enhanced Games

Safer Sports

Let’s be clear. Drug testing is about fairness, not safety.

The Enhanced Games aim to be the safest sporting event in the world.

At the Enhanced Games, we prioritise athlete safety.

In partnership with top scientists and clinicians, we are developing a full-system medical pre-competition screening protocol – to protect athletes competing in the Enhanced Games.

Dr Aron Ping D'Souza

President of the Enhanced Games

Health Testing for Safer Games

At the Olympics, athletes are drug tested after each competition. Clearly, the goal of the Olympics’ drug testing regime is to ensure fairness through the threat of punishment for those who use enhancements. There is little concern for safety, as the Olympics have no mandated health-testing program. Olympians, 44% of whom have used enhancements in the past year, are able to compete regardless of any undiscovered health risks.

This is why athletes competing in the Enhanced Games will receive free medical screening prior to competition, which will ensure that they are healthy and able to compete. The screening will involve an echocardiogram, blood tests and genomic sequencing, in order to build up a full picture of the athlete’s health, and allow athletes to make an informed decision about whether they are safe to compete.

Enhanced Medical Pre-Screening Protocol

Testing for healthy optimal performance.

Health Testing

Cardiac Health

By conducting an echocardiogram, we can screen for cardiomyopathy, and determine the heart’s ejection fraction is at a safe level.

System Health Test

Bloodwork will give an insight into a range of different biomarkers – providing our athletes with an informed picture of their health.

Genomic Sequencing

We have the tools we need to determine the blueprint of athletic excellence. Further, sequencing would allow athletes to discover whether they have genetic predispositions with a risk of a specific morbidity.

Brain Health

Combat sports are inherently dangerous, with an accepted risk of concussion and lasting brain damage. Magnetic resonance imaging will be used to track the combat athletes’ brain health – giving our athletes the information they need in order to make an informed decision about competing.

Optimizing Biomarkers

The goal of training is the optimization of athletic performance. Within the burgeoning field of health optimization lies the ability to optimize athletic performance, as measured by tracking key biomarkers.

The Enhanced Medical Pre-Screening Protocol, which is still in development, will allow athletes to track their biomarkers prior to competition – creating a blueprint of athletic excellence that could be used to inform performance therapies, diet, sleep, and training.

The below table indicates some of the biomarkers that we intend to provide testing for, prior to competition.

Cardiac Health
Ejection Fraction
Cardiac Health
Cardiac Echogram
Renal Function
Cystatin C
Full Blood Count
Full Blood Count
White Blood Cells
Full Blood Count
Total Protein
Kidney Function
Liver Function
Total Bilirubin
Vitamin D (25 OH)

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