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7 Tips on How To Come Out as Enhanced

What a disgrace it is for a man to grow old without seeing the beauty and strength of which his body is capable.


More than four million Americans are already part of the growing enhanced community. It takes courage to be open about your body; the International Olympic Committee has weaponized the athletic community against science, and against you.

Whether you are an amateur or professional athlete, the pressures society places on you are weighty. It is up to you to reach your body’s level of peak athletic fitness proudly.

Below are some tips from members of the community, to help you on your enhanced journey of discovery.

1. You don’t have to come out as enhanced. While many people find it’s a great weight off their shoulders, others don’t want to come out, seeing their enhanced status as a completely private matter – so it's really up to you. If you are in an environment that is hostile towards enhanced athletes (e.g., the Olympics), remember that the Enhanced Games embraces you, and supports your stance on bodily autonomy.

2. Coming out can be a really positive experience and it can feel liberating to be authentic with family, friends, and other enhanced athletes. You can also be a positive role model to others around you who may be considering embracing science.

3. Don't worry about other people’s reactions. Just as lions aren't concerned with the opinions of sheep, so should you not concern yourself with those who cite outdated moral arguments and incorrect science. As put by Marcus Aurelius, "The opinion of 10,000 men is of no value if none of them know anything about the subject".

Key concerns are that they won’t be accepted or will be seen differently. So if a friend comes out as enhanced to you, one of the best ways to respond is to respect their commitment to their health and to science. If someone comes out as enhanced on social media, be sure to voice your encouragement.

4. If family, friends, or your coach react in a negative way, it won’t necessarily be how they always feel. Give them time to get used to the news. First reactions aren’t always lasting reactions. The Enhanced Movement is growing in strength; millions of other enhanced athletes are here to support you.

5. Allow people to be shocked and to need time to take the news in – be sensitive to their feelings, too. Pick a quiet, calm time when you tell people, which will give you all time to talk about it. Remember that coming out as Enhanced may be more of a process than an event.

6. Stay in control of the news. If you are coming out as enhanced, it is important that you are in control of the messaging, be it in-person, or online. You are overcoming the anti-science dogma that has infiltrated the world of sports; you are playing a vital role in returning the sports world to its pro-science roots.

7. If you think someone you know is enhanced, remember that you cannot force them to come out. However, you should foster an environment where the person feels supported and safe enough to come out as enhanced; the Enhanced Movement embraces all enhanced athletes.

The impediment to action advances action. What stands in the way becomes the way.

Marcus Aurelius

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