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Enhanced Games Main Character Athlete Casting Call FAQ

Are you more than just an athlete? Do you want your story to be told? Could you be one of the main characters of the first Enhanced Games?

Ridley Scott Associates and Rob McElhenney’s More Better Productions are producing the official documentary series of the Enhanced Games. This landmark multi-part series, built specifically for streaming platforms, will chronicle the journey of the first athletes to openly use performance enhancements to break world records.

You are invited to apply to be one of up to ten Main Character Athletes who will feature prominently in storytelling and will be financially supported on your journey to the Enhanced Games. You will also receive training, travel assistance, and medical supervision on your journey to the Games.

Want to know more? Here are some answers to frequently asked questions.

For anything we’ve missed, please email info@enhanced.org.

The Enhanced Games are an international sporting event built on the belief that sports can be safer without drug testing. Backed by leading venture capitalists Christian Angermayer, Peter Thiel and Balaji Srinivasan, we are building a global sporting movement, underpinned by robust medical safety protocols, where athletes can compete in Track & Field, Aquatics, Gymnastics, Weightlifting and Combat Sports.

For more information and background, please visit enhanced.org.

Excellence deserves to be rewarded. We are offering (at minimum) US$1 million in prize money for each major world record you break at the first Enhanced Games. This will be in addition to your US$100,000 stipend.

There will also be a multi-million dollar prize pool covering all categories, details of which will be announced after the Paris Olympics.

Anyone aged 18 and over can apply! All you need to do is complete our Sign Up form, and post at least one application video on your social media, tagging our social media account. Please remember that you are not required to be enhanced – natural and adaptive/mechanically enabled athletes are welcome too.

Your application will be stronger if:

  • You post multiple videos explaining why we should pick you to star in the documentary.
  • You have an established social media following.
  • You possess excellent communication skills, particularly on the scientific merits of the Enhanced Games.
  • You have a compelling personal story.
  • You are an experienced athlete – bonus points if you’re a personal trainer, or have competed at a college, national or Olympic level.
  • You believe you have world record potential in track and field, swimming and weightlifting (particularly, in the 100 Sprint and the 50m Freestyle).
We will not be announcing who the successful character athletes are until after the Paris Olympics have ended. The selection process will be run confidentially. If you are competing at the Paris Olympics, just check the box on the application form.
  • Fill in your details here.
  • Create a short video of yourself explaining why you’d make a great Main Character Athlete.
  • Share the video on social media channels, making sure you use #EnhancedGames and tag @enhanced_games on X and Instagram, and @enhanced.games on TikTok.

Ideally, your videos will answer the following questions:

  • Tell us about yourself, what’s your background in sports?
  • Describe yourself in three words.
  • What draws you to the Enhanced Games, and why do you feel a strong connection to this event?
  • Would you compete as a natural athlete or are you interested in becoming enhanced?
  • Share with us your journey what have been some of the key milestones or challenges you’ve faced?
  • What unique qualities or experiences do you bring that make you a standout candidate to be one of the faces of the Enhanced Games documentary?
  • If selected as the face of the Enhanced Games documentary, what message do you hope to convey to global viewers and potential participants?
  • What are your aspirations in the realm of sports, and how do you see your involvement in the Enhanced Games contributing to these goals?
  • Aim for under 2 minutes in length.
  • Post on X, Instagram, TikTok – or all three!
  • Landscape or portrait – depending on the channel.
  • Example videos can be found here.

You need to have submitted your application as above, including social media posts, by midnight GMT on 3 May 2024.

In addition to the financial support and resources listed below, this is an opportunity for you to gain or augment international recognition for your sporting prowess – with the addition of human enhancement, should you choose. The Enhanced Games will be one of the most talked about and followed sporting events of the year. This is your opportunity to take a leading role in it as one of the main characters in the Ridley Scott Associates documentary about the first Enhanced Games.

No. We welcome and encourage applications from athletes all over the world. At the Enhanced Games, you will be competing as an individual, and demonstrating what humanity can truly achieve.

No. The Enhanced Games are the games of the future – accepting of social change. People of all genders are welcome to apply.

We offer the athletes selected for the Ridley Scott Associates documentary:

  • A US$100,000 stipend.
  • Training support.
  • Travel and accommodation relating to filming for the documentary and the first Enhanced Games competition.
  • Clinical and medical safety supervision.
  • Global media exposure.

All enhancement programs should be taken under clinical supervision, with appropriate medical safeguards and medical assessments.

Accordingly, we are making it a requirement for athletes, once selected as a main character athlete in Ridley Scott Associates and Rob McElhenney’s More Better Productions, to temporarily refrain from using enhancements, unless their protocol is under clinical supervision with the appropriate medical safeguards and legal guidance.

Athletes selected for the documentary will be able to elect to commence an enhancement protocol, under the appropriate clinical supervision and medical safeguards.

Any enhancement programmes and protocols will need to be clinically supervised.

If you are already enhanced, and are selected to take part in the documentary, we will connect you with the performance scientists, cardiologists, and clinicians, to guide you on your enhancement journey.

The docuseries is being created by Ridley Scott Associates and Rob McElhenney’s More Better Productions. Ridley Scott Associates is the global commercial production company founded by directors Ridley and Tony Scott, who are behind some of the most successful films ever made – including Top Gun, Gladiator, Blade Runner, and Alien. More Better Productions is led by Rob McElhenney, and produced the critically acclaimed Welcome to Wrexham, which won two Critics’ Choice Television Awards and five Primetime Emmy Awards.

The series will launch to coincide with the first Enhanced Games competition. We anticipate that this will be the first of many series, and that future series will be made for the subsequent competitions on an annual basis (think along the lines of Hard Knocks or Welcome to Wrexham).

The series will provide a fly-on-the-wall view of the group of athletes’s preparations for the first Enhanced Games, as well as their participation in them. It will bring to life their personal stories, their enhancement journey, and their athletic achievements.
Filming will not commence until after the Paris Olympics 2024.

The Ridley Scott Associates documentary, which will launch as the first Enhanced Games take place, will place Main Character Athletes at the heart of the Games themselves as well as the emerging Enhanced Movement. Given the incredible levels of media and press attention already experienced with the project, we anticipate that this series will be one of the most talked about and viewed of its time.

The first Enhanced Games exhibition event is expected to take place towards the end of 2025. The location is expected to be announced in late 2024.

Athletes will be required to sign a contributor/participation agreement which will cover all of these elements.

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